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Whether you need a warehouse of documents translated or a single memo, we can handle the work for you quickly, affordably, and reliably...

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We provides high-level interpretation services for legal, corporate, medical, and government settings in 150 languages....

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Accurately transcribed information is vibrant for the smooth functioning of any occasion. Transcription includes creating a textual transcript of the audio.

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Countering language barriers with professionalism and expertise

Interpreting, Translations, Transcriptions, and many other professional services are provided in England and Wales.

National Translations & Interpreting Services (NTIS UK) is providing services to local councils, legal firms, courts, public sector organizations, and local & international businesses. We believe effective communication is a vital part of any dialogue between two more parties.

When it comes to understanding languages, NTIS UK is at the forefront of providing interpreters and translators to ensure professional services are acquired by those who require the best results. This is one of many reasons why many of our clients have moved across to us from other similar service providers.

You can call or email us 7 days a week for translation and interpreting services.
The interpreters and translators, we use are fully qualified and accredited professionals who provide the best services according to your requirements using their skills and vast experience.

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National Translations & Interpreting Services (NTIS UK) is providing services to local councils, legal firms, courts, public sector organizations, and

Diversity in the Arabic language.

  ntiservices Diversity in the Arabic language. The Arabic language is a pillar of cultural diversity and the sixth official language of the United Nations, , which is why it should be protected from changes due to technological advances and the widespread use of international languages, such as English and French which replaced Arabic in both […]

The Art of Speaking

Starting from the moment when a child is born, at that time he doesn’t even know what to speak and how to speak, he just knows how to cry and that is speaking too, just in a childish way. Then afterward, he starts to listen to mom, dad, and others in the house and the […]

Pirate’s Language and their Life

18 May 2022 Pirates Many of you already know about pirates, the robber’s who travel by water targeting ships for stealing cargo and other valuable goods like (Gold, Silver, and Jewels) being shipped by merchants and also attacking coastal areas and towns. You might be wrong to think all the pirates are evil, daring, and […]

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