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18 May 2022


Many of you already know about Pirate, a robber’s who travel by water targeting ships for stealing cargo and other valuable goods like (Gold, Silver, and Jewels) being shipped by merchants and also attacking coastal areas and towns. You might be wrong to think all the pirates are evil, daring, and swashbuckling but actually, most of them were ordinary people who had been forced to turn into criminals and do wrong things.

Many pirates abducted children and men for their crew and slavery from places they attacked or lands conquered.

Golden Age of Piracy

“Golden Age of Piracy” lasted roughly from “the 1650s to 1730s”. At that time everyone wanted to grow their borders and conquest new lands, Countries started expanding their colonization and started migrating from multiple nations. At that time piracy started spreading fast crimes on the seas increased, all the pirates started invading each other’s and many families lost their family members.

At that time World was originally divided between Spain and Portugal. In fact, from the coast of South America, across the Caribbean Sea, and all the way to northern Florida was known as the Spanish man. The other countries started getting jealous and got angry that Portugal and Spain were getting all the treasure and gold that was found in the Americas, so they made a plan to attack them and seize these ships which were filled with treasure and gold.

The Sailors that were hired to attack ships, these men were called Privateers, every time privateers invade the lands or seize the ship they always take 3rd part of the loot they get.

During the Golden age of Piracy topmost notorious pirates was known as “Blackbeard”, his real name before Blackbeard was “Edward Thatch” he was known as a Blackbeard because of his long black beard. He joined the Royal Navy at a very young age after his father passed away (Edward Teach Senior) during Queen Anne’s War (1701-1704).

Pirates Language:

The most spoken language widely used by Pirates and privateers was “Maritime Pidgin English”, also Nautical Jargon. A trade Jargon was mostly spoken between sailors on Board vessels and in coastal areas, many of them were from different nations. During that time there was no native speaker because many different cultures and religions were traveling together. Pidgin’s language origin is England and this word came from England, the Pidgin word means Business pidgin is not the native language of any region, religion, or country.

Pidgin’s language is usually born when two different language speakers with no common language tries to have a makeshift conversation with each other. So, 3rd dominator language is known as Pidgin.


The Pirates got famous in history because of the Golden Age of piracy (the 1650s to 1730s), during that time number of pirates was more than 5000 pirates said to be at sea. If we talk about the most terrifying and horrific pirate of all time first names that gone comes its “Blackbeard”. There were lots of other languages during the 17th” to 18th Centuries, but “Pidgin” was a hybrid language an offspring of two languages which were mostly spoken at that time. If you are interested to know more about pirates you should need to watch movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Peter Pan”, “Blackbeard’s Ghost” Etc.