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English is mostly used all over the world. People with a different first language can communicate with each by speaking English. Most people decide to study English as a second language.  Many schools teach English as a second language to their children and it’s a part of their syllabus.

Importance of the English language

English is the most commonly spoken language. Few people cannot speak English, but they can understand. English is the official language of 54 countries. People also say that it is the language of the internet. Most of the content on the Internet (50%-60%) is English. So, knowing English will allow us to access a huge amount of information.

Is it Worth it???

Yes, it is worth it if you want to connect with different people who live in different countries or to connect with their culture and the way they think. If we are traveling abroad and we met people from different cultures, English is the language the way we can communicate with them.


Importance of English at work

Most of the translation is done into English or from English. The courts, offices, or any other organizations accept an application or letter in the English language so that it can be read by anyone or sent to anyone if necessary.