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The process of translating words, text, and paragraphs into different languages or one form of the medium into another is Translation. Most people translate certificates, letters, or applications for office purposes. People can translate documents by themselves, but there will be many mistakes that lead to the rejection of the documents. That’s why there are professionals who have qualifications and skills and will take full responsibility for the translated documents.


Migrants/Immigrants have lots of certificates, letters, and applications that need to be translated into a different language (depending on the country they are moving to) before submitting the applications. They have to contact professional translation agencies, such as us, to get their documents translated. This ensures the quality of service deemed necessary to fulfill all requirements of the receiving body.

Why translated documents have to be certified?

After translating the official documents, the translator has to issue a certificate or statement of truth. It is a declaration confirming that the translation has been legitimately conducted by a professional. It also mentions the name of the person who has translated the documents and their qualifications. Some authorities will not approve/accept the translation until the person has attached the certificate or statement of truth regulated by an agency such as ourselves. This is only to avoid fraudulent and illegal applications.